Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coffee Table Delight

I do love a good coffee tablescape arrangement when I see one.  Typically, what grabs my attention - in a good way - is that there is always a sense of rhythm, balance, and progression that makes me stop and look at all of the gathered pieces. 
Photo Source by Made By Girl
Like a showcase of the homeowners personality and style, color tops the list when it comes to a beautiful arrangement of flowers, a pop of greenery, or a gorgeous plant sitting in an equally pretty container.
Photo Source by Everything LEB
The natural element adds texture, warmth, and generally begins my journey towards discovering the next great piece that I may want to pick up or simply visually admire. 
Adding a set of books or a tray that flaunts hobbies or items related to a favorite travel destination is well suited.  The perfect grouping of three books or a group of five trinket pieces on a tray is the perfect odd number combination for this designer.
Rounding off the display is a whimsical piece or two sitting in front of or on top of the display of books.  A gold skull, a piece of coral or crystal, and the pairing of swans simply makes my eyes smile and tells me a little more about my friends - and, yes, sometimes my clients. 
One of my personal go-to favorites, if you are looking for an additional piece or two  to add, are candles displayed in attractuve holders that celebrate the unique individual(s) who are enjoying their home in style.  

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