Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fiddling with Decor - A Chic Indoor Guest

Hilary Swank's Downtown Apartment via Elle Decor
Every time I browse through magazines or do a little research via the web, I get a glimpse of a house guest that seems to make the rounds.  Popping up in many decorating shots with their violin-shaped leaves, these chic indoor guests always capture my attention as they sit in the background waiting for a little acknowledgement.  It reminds me of some of those funny celebrity shots when someone in the background pops their head into the picture and grabs your attention.  Do you remember Bill Clinton when he photo bombed Kelly Clarkson during the inauguration? (See Photo via ABC News). Yes, it did make me laugh!

Fiddling Around via Design Gratis
When I look at a space, I not only wear the hat of an interior designer that applies methodology along with (gasp) art and science to determine  the technical, functional, and creative planning in a space. After that - and sometimes in conjunction, I put my interior decorating hat on to add the finishes that provide functionality by means of furnishing, window treatments, and more. Ultimately, the quality of living is always the goal, and my point in all of this is..,that there are layers within a design.  It seems the final layer often gets overlooked, The fluffy pillows, lovely throws, beautiful accessories, and - yes - houseplants add that beautiful dimensional quality that completes " the look."

Mid-Century Home via New York Times
Recently published in the New York Times, the tall organic houseplant photo bombed the restoration shot.  Instead of my focus being on the living space and its layout, I found my eye gravitating towards the spot of green in the shot.  In general, the added natural element got me thinking about houseplants and their role within a space, specifically, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig.  Our house guest has been named!

Their big green leaves and their impact in a space is undeniable.  They add warmth to a corner, a pop of color to a neutral room, and connect us to the natural by finding a place indoors.  There is no fiddling around with these dramatic players.  What I love most about the Fiddle-Leaf Fig is that they are virtually low maintenance and do not require a lot of light, but do not think you are off the hook because they do require some maintenance and care
Contain the fiddle and you have a spectacular work of art that is like a piece of music for the eyes.  Whether the Fiddle-Leaf Fig sits in a small whimsical container or a pretty but large container for the tree-like version, their delightful green leaves will be and added bonus that will surely improve your mood, productivity, and may even satisfy your "innate drive to connect with nature,"
If you are looking to finish off a room, add that final layer that connects you to the outdoors.  The Fiddle-Leaf Fig will create a dramatic (but not too discrete) impact within a room, add height to a corner that may be missing a little something, or simply create that focal point where your eyes will unknowingly be drawn to their elegance within the living space.  

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