Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October's National Kitchen & Bath Month - Time To Get Started!

In October, what are you planning?

Outside the fact that the kids are back to school, October marks the season for Halloween, scheduling time for those breathtaking Fall views, and of course - wait for it - three months of retail advertising (i.e., magazines, internet, and television spots) aimed to ready us for the holiday season.

Like any memorable and celebrated event, planning takes time and effort, sound budgeting, and great execution. Kitchen and Bathroom design and renovation projects are no different. Maybe that is why homeowners may find it strange to hear that October, known as National Kitchen and Bath Month (according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association), is the perfect time to start planning a kitchen or bath project.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bathroom Materials - Where Do You Begin?

The decision is made and it's time to renovate that outdated bathroom, which is in need of desperate repair.  Given the size of the space, how hard could it be?  Really, all that's needed is a vanity, tub and/or shower fixtures, a toilet, and some pretty tile to create a tranquil space.

Or, so it seems until the process begins.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring into Outdoor Living

Two of my favorite times of the year in the Northeast are Spring and Fall.  And now that winter is behind us, I can safely say that it is time to Spring forward to those outdoor living spaces.

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From an Interior Designer perspective, I like to look at outdoor spaces from a behavior point of view followed by the aesthetics that make them simply fabulous.

It's all about the seating!  The size of the space does not matter since it's all about comfort.
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But what's the behavior?  Room on the deck for one, enjoying the end-of-the day with family, a place to sit for a little outdoor grilling, or even better- a good meal with friends.  Depending on your home and space, it could be all of the above. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The ABCs of Home Improvement Projects: Follow Through Point C.

The anticipation of reaching the start date of a home improvement project is exciting.  Countless inspiration photos fill your folder, many visits to showrooms to look at product seems overwhelming, and consultations with architects, interior designers, and contractors feel overwhelming.  

More times than I can count, a theme/style does begin to develop from the floor plans layouts, furniture selections, and finishing choices that appeal to your senses.  If you hired a designer/decorator to work with you (as mentioned in part A & B of The ABC's of Home Improvement Projects series), moving through the next steps of the project feel daunting.  But, I promise that you will be thankful you took the time before the construction/installation began and moved through the steps vigilantly.

Let's finish up with the final steps: 1) Got Product?, 2) Who's Watching?, and 3) Punching The Punch-List.

Follow Through Point C

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Friday, October 11, 2013

The ABCs of Home Improvement Projects: Educational Point B

In school we learned our ABCs to speak the English language successfully. Succinctly moving in a logical way from A to B to C and through the remaining alphabet taught us how to write and speak words. Armed with knowledge, the means to communicate verbally and to write well is the goal. Home improvement projects follow a similar pattern and if you skip a step, it can be challenging to recover.

If you missed first Starting At Point A, where I reviewed three steps 1) Get inspired, 2) Do Your Research, and 3) What's The Magic Number, click here to start from the beginning. Otherwise, we are moving forward in The ABCs of Home Improvement Projects: Education Point B.

Educational Point B

Photo Source:  Tumblr
A decision to take the next steps is necessary to complete a home improvement or repair and now time sounds like a nasty little word that slows down the process. It is true that organizing the right people, discussing the facts about the your project, and connecting takes time and patience before physically starting a project. Did you ever rush to get out of the supermarket only to find there was one really important item missed during the shop?

Friday, September 27, 2013

The ABC's of Home Improvement Projects: Starting At Point A

Access to inspirations for home improvements projects has come a long way from the earlier days of Bob Villa and This Old House programing that offered insight into the complicated forum of "How-To" complete a home project, a home renovation, or a restoration of an old home. As one of the largest investments the average person will make in their lifetime, limited information was the norm with only a handful of network programs, home magazines, and the local trusted contractors with their list of trade people to assist in the repair or improvement.

Today, information is everywhere and some homeowners and professionals wonder if it is too much of a good thing with access to the Internet, television, and organizations that specialize in the home improvement field. Media - whether on-line, through television programming, or via print swing in opposite directions by a) creating a point of view that projects are easy with their before and after pictures, b) television thirty minute programming, or c) feature programs and news reports of contractor nightmares, rip-offs, and projects gone bad.

The professionals that successfully move a project from point A to point C is fascinating and certainly captures our attention. The short pieces of information, news, and entertainment inspire a homeowner to get started. But, what about point B? Teachers taught us to follow our ABC's for a reason. Getting a home project started may be challenging, but if you follow the ABC's of home improvement, you'll be much happier with the end result.

Before & After Kitchen Renovation
Before Photo By: Jeanne At Gallo Rosso Kitchens    After Photo By: True Identity Concepts

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Big Cat Obsession - Cheetah, Leopard, and Jaquer Prints

Follow any fashion trend, celebrity siting, or decorating blog/magazine and one thing is for sure - big cat prints will always capture our attention.  Whether it is a small accent such as a pillow, lamp shade, decorative piece, or a big focal point within a room and especially a gorgeous pair of shoes, a handbag, or piece of clothing...that big cat is here to stay.

Image:  The Decorista