Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking A Flight With Wingback Chairs

I love being surprised in unexpected places!  Passing by an amazing window display, while doing a bit of antique art shopping, did just that.  I had to take a moment away from my client and capture a picture of this wonderful wingback chair in crushed orange velvet, nail head details that accentuated the straight lines, and the beautifully accessorized pillows that every designer and homeowner is compelled to use in colourful textures and geometric patterns.

Photo By:  True Identity Concepts

This modern version wing chair is all grown up (literally), but the features of the wingback chair are still in tact.

The traditional wingback version dates back to the 1700s with many of their original features in tact.  A fully upholstered chair with a 90 degree angle high-back, sides that extended up from the arms, and legs that define the period, these chairs were intended to protect us from the cold drafts and those big roaring fires.

Photo Source: Design Indulgence
Today, the wingback chair continues to use its wings to wrap us in warmth and beauty -- high or low back styling, curved or straight winged arms, legs in many shapes and sizes, and textures that fit into any style home or decor -- their sophisticated presence cannot be denied.
Traditional, Rustic, Eclectic, or Modern...whatever your style, give your room a pair of wings and it will take a stylish flight!


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