Monday, March 25, 2013

A Few Appealing Storage Options for Small Bathrooms


In the process of getting a few items organized for a client, I realize that small bathroom organizational needs some further reconsideration when it comes to appealing storage solutions. It's not to say that most people will really see the mess or that you won't clean it up for guest...but, why not keep it a little neater and prettier for that quick rush out of the door, the unexpected guests, and making the process of getting ready more appealing.

I am opting for a better way to store and and have access to our favorite items that start and finish the day. There are no excuses for having a small space when there are so many solutions available.  A quick fix to putting on and taking off your jewelry and knowing where to find it means functionality - but, pretty functionality! 
Photos by Anthropologie

Okay, I know that you are going to say that the exception to the rule is makeup. Well at least put out a functional piece that makes sense rather than those open square plastic containers that collect dust.  If the amount of make-up is that of a celebrity, then a large version that can hide the effects of a displaying all of your make-up may be in order.  
Photo by Bellacor
Those who opt for the less is more philosophy, then a pretty storage container will work wonders and add a splash of personality to your space.
While you are at it, storing the essentials (e.g. cotton balls, q-tips, bath salt) in pretty jars and containers works wonders. Pretty Belgium Glass jars at Etsy add a pop of color and the stacked versions from West Elm that maintains your counter space.   
Baskets, door organizers, and trays create pretty views if you need to open doors to your favorite things.  Besides, you know there is always one guest who is going to take a peek.  Either way, getting a little creative in a small bathroom can be a beautiful experience for you and your house guests.
No more excuses for ugly organization when there are so alternatives available.  Take home that container you love and I'll bet you find the perfect items to store in it that will create your own personality stamp for display.  It's the perfect Home Goods trip if you are looking for a little nudge.

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