Thursday, May 9, 2013

Studio Design Dilemma

A real estate friend asked me to take a look at a space she listed here in Westchester County, NY, via a few pictures through the eyes of the buyer.  Listed as a studio condominium with a small kitchen and bath, the poor space needed a little help in the main space that combined the living room and the bedroom. As you can see, the space clearly needs some assistance with a bit of space planning to showcase this little gem.
Combined Living Room & Bedroom Studio Space
Although the necessities of small space living make it an appealing prospect, the arrangement was less than desirable.  Dilemma:  The placement of the loveseat faced the kitchen and the entry of the home and the bed faced the only window in the space, which is hidden behind the loveseat that is chopping the room in half.  When you are confined to 600 square feet of living, the last thing you want to do is make the space feel smaller in this way.

If you are like most homeowners looking to sell their property, it is painful to put money into a space simply to turn around and sell it.  However, a few well planned moves (pun intended)...and in this case, a simple piece of furniture...can make the world of difference.
An open style, dividing bookcase can easily separate the the living room from the bedroom area, while providing a bit of extra storage needed in both spaces.  This particular unit from Wayfair is an inexpensive addition for a little under $200 and can be turned horizontally for another room application in the future.
Wayfair - Hokku Designs
If you want to up the anti (i.e., spend a little more money for quality) a parsons style bookcase adds another dimension to storage with the addition of baskets or metal storage units for items that need to be kept out of sight.  Plus, get them on wheels and easily rearrange the space without having to remove all of the nicely placed items you took the time to organize.  This rolling storage unit from West Elm is priced at $599 and can easily move with you.

My Recommendation:  Buy an open style bookcase!  A taller version is best.  Place the bookcase against the wall like a screen divider.  Add a few of your favorite items to accessorize.   Place the bed and sofa on the same wall for a nice, unobstructed flow towards the window.  You'll invite the buyer into the space and create a nice visual for them to see how their belongings can work in the studio.
Via Pinterest
And, if you are the new owner, the idea of a little more privacy may be required.  Add a track to the bedside of your bookcase.  Hang a few drapes for color and textural interest...and privacy is just a pull away..

Design dilemma resolved!  Can't wait to hear how this works out for the seller and maybe even a few pictures will be forthcoming - hint, hint!

Photo Sources:  Wayfair, West Elm, Elle Decor via Apartment Therapy

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