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Capricorn's Interior Design Style

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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday my Capricorn friends! As the new year and the start to January begins, it seems appropriate to give a nod to the astrological goat who sets the standard for sticking to a goal(s) and seeing it through to fruition. Although the goat gets a little cheated based on the holiday season (December 22nd - January 19th/20th), you can be sure they manage just fine in overcoming this obstacle.

In combining my training in interior design with my novice but passionate interest in astrology, I find it fascinating how certain colours, design styles, and furniture selections influence a group of people born within a particular zodiac or sun sign. But keep in mind, similar to the design world, there are many variations on a theme - or in this case, your astrological birth chart.  The placement of the planets within a sign, rising sign, and time of birth would create some variables on the theme.  In the spirit of having a little fun, I'll keep it simple and by looking at the overall design aesthetic that makes a Capricorn smile...or should I say smirk with the confidence of knowing I nailed it. 
Traditional Kitchen design by Boise Interior Designer Judith Balis

Capricorn is an earth sign and it would be no surprise to know that a traditional or transitional style would be fitting.   A color palette rich in dark brown with white or a black with grey blue and/or beige would create the foundation needed for the surfoated goat.  Besides, climbing those mountains and high peaks, requires the kind of stability, endurance, and support needed to form a secure homebase.  

A room filled with elegant furniture, traditional curved lines, a wing back chair or tufted sofa, or dark wood tones would add the classic features seen in most European styling.  Modern versions, a.k.a. Transitional style, will combine the straight lines of modern pieces  with an updated variation on the theme.  Combining the two can be as simple as a wing back sofa in a rich leather texture befitting our male and female versions of the sun sign. 
Products by Serena & Lily
Speaking of textures and patterns, Capricorn tends to aim for the richness of textiles e.g. silk, cashmere, velvet, and leather versus the florals, paisleys, and damasks associated in traditional style furnishings.  Only quality over quantity will due in creating a firm foundation.  Accents that are subdued, mature, and nature inspired in earthy tones of green, blue, or a rustic orange are more your speed.  As you make your climb up the ladder of success, your home reflects your series and tactful nature where your shyness can be comforted by your surroundings.

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